Susquehanna Township Authority

Welcome to the Susquehanna Township Authority!

The Susquehanna Township Authority is a municipality authority incorporated under the Municipality Authorities Act of 1945, approved May 2, 1945, P.L. 382, as amended, pursuant to appropriate legal action of the Township of Susquehanna, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. The Authority was incorporated on August 15, 1946 and presently duly exists under the constitution and laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Authority is a separate, distinct corporate entity charged by the State Legislature with a proprietary function. As such, it is an independent agency outside of direct township control.

The Authority Board meets the first Tuesday of every month beginning at 7:00pm in the Township Municipal Building. Meetings are open to the public. If you would like to address the Authority Board at one of their meetings, please call the Authority office at (717) 545-0116 no later than one week prior to the meeting date to be placed on the agenda.

The governing body of the Susquehanna Township Authority consists of seven board members who serve a 5 year term and are appointed by the Township Board of Commissioners. Click the names below for more information about these board members.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Derrick Mease Foreman
Kenneth Hain, Jr. Maintenance Mechanic I
Lamont Saunders Maintenance Mechanic I
Jill Lovett Director of Finance (717) 909-9227
David Pribulka Secretary/Township Manager (717) 909-9223
Nathan Bragunier Public Works Director (717) 233-7143

Board Members

Name Title
Frank Lynch Authority Board Assistant Secretary & Liaison to Board of Commissioners
Steven C. Napper Liaison to Board of Commissioners
Steven Napper Authority Liaison