Since 1974, Susquehanna Township has operated under what is commonly referred to as the council-manager form of government. In the council-manager form of government, the council is the governing body of the municipal entity, elected by the public, and the manager is hired by the council, based on his or her professional merits and qualifications, to carry out the policies established by the council.  In Susquehanna Township, the governing body is called the Board of Commissioners and the manager is called the Township Manager.

The Board of Commissioners provides legislative direction while the Township Manager is responsible for administering the day-to-day administrative operations of the Township consistent with the Board of Commissioners' policy decisions.  The Township Manager serves as the Board of Commissioners' chief advisor and serves at the pleasure of the governing body.  The specific powers of the office are established by Ordinance Chapter 1, Part 2, A. of the Township Codified Ordinances.

Staff Contacts


Secretary/Township Manager

(717) 909-9223

Assistant Township Manager


Director of Public Safety

(717) 909-9282

Fire Marshal

(717) 909-9255

Director of Finance

(717) 909-9227

Public Works Director

(717) 233-7143

Parks and Recreation Director


Executive Assistant

(717) 909-9222

Board Members


Liaison to Board of Commissioners

Liaison to Board of Commissioners