STA Settlement Agents

If you are a settlement agent handling the sale or refinance of a property in Susquehanna Township, you must contact our office prior to settlement to acquire any balance owed on the property being sold or refinanced. All requests must be made on one of our settlement sheets and all Settlement Agencies will be charged a $15 fee for the Authority providing you this information. The Authority is charging this fee to the Settlement Agency and it is the Settlement Agency's responsibility to pay this fee regardless of whether the sale or refinance goes through. If a Settlement Agency does not pay the $15 fee for any property, they will be required to prepay the $15 fee for all future requests.

If you are handling the sale or refinance of a commercial property, you must first contact the water company to schedule a final meter reading. This final meter reading must be completed before the Susquehanna Township Authority can provide you with a final balance due. It is the Settlement Agency's responsibility to contact the water company in plenty of time to have this final read scheduled, the Susquehanna Township Authority will not schedule these final reads for you.

Please fax all settlement sheets to the Authority office at (717) 540-4295 or click here to email them to the STA Admin

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