A Certified Gold Sustainable Pennsylvania Community


Our Commitment to Sustainability

Susquehanna Township is committed to the practices of sustainability. In order to meet the highest possible living standards for our residents, we needed to evaluate our impact on the environment, our municipal policies and our community as a whole. Being a sustainably sensible community helps increase and protect our local economy, by creating an emphasis on supporting local businesses, green bulidings, diversity, and regional cooperation. Careful assessments of our government costs, practices, and energy use help us to establish cost effective methods. Another important pillar of any sustainable community is an increase of interaction with our citizens in a way which fosters cooperation. Most important, we will become a more environmentally friendly and healthier community. 

Our Goals:

  • Increasing our recycling and conservation methods.
  • Creation of an Environmental Advisory Council.
  • Lower township energy uses, and facilitate use of renewable energy systems. 
  • Promote the use of community gardens and composting. 
  • Purchase goods and products locally.
  • Establish bonds with non profit organizations in the area.
  • Adoption and implementation of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Operation & Maintenance principles and the International Green Construction Code. 

Our Actions:Sustainable PA Certified Gold

  • Acheived Gold Certification through the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification.
  • Authorizing an energy and green house gas anaylsis, so that we can establish our baseline energy consumption and track future progress.
  • Inclusion of sustaibility in our new comprehensive plan.
  • Creation of a "Complete Streets Program".

Tracking Our Progress 

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