Be Prepared for Cold Temperatures and Inclement Weather with these Winter Safety Tips!

Winter Safety Tips

  1. Service your vehicle to ensure it is working properly (i.e. tires, wipers, fluids, heat system).
  2. Keep your vehicle properly fueled so you don't run out of gas.
  3. Have blankets, a flashlight, water, non-perishable snacks, and a first aid kit in your vehicle for emergencies.
  4. Make sure your cell phone is charged.
  5. Avoid traveling during severely inclement weather.
  6. DO NOT leave your vehicle running, unlocked, and unattended (even if it's only for a moment).

For additional safety tips visit: CDC Winter Safety Tips

Be Vigilant For Crime

  1. Check and install exterior lights (set motion sensor lights).
  2. Check locks, doors, and windows to ensure they work properly.
  3. Leave a light on while you are away.
  4. Contact your alarm company to ensure contact information is current.
  5. Always keep personal items in a secure place.
  6. Lock your car, do not leave valuables (i.e. purse, wallet, cds) visible.
  7. Call the police if you see something suspicious.

Emergencies: Dial 911

Susquehanna Township Police Department:

  • Office: (717) 652-8265
  • Non-Emergency: (717) 558-6900

Police Social Media Links:

New Emergency Notification System

Emergency Management Agencies throughout the South Central Task Force (SCTF), which includes the counties of Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry and York, are implementing a new emergency notification service. This service will allow residents and businesses in the eight county area to be notified of an emergency situation and important alert messages in a variety of ways, including on their cell phones, home and work phones, by text messaging and email. Many residents and business already have been added to the system from publicly available White and Yellow pages information. But this listing only provides a single contact phone number. People with unlisted phone numbers, or those whose primary phone number is a cell phone or VoIP, must provide their contact information if they wish to receive these alerts.

This information is provided by access the South Central Alert self-registration portal.

People who wish to receive alerts on phone numbers other than the number listed in the White or Yellow pages, and those people who would like to receive alerts via email, SMS, TDD/TTY, etc., will also need to register. Since the South Central Alert service uses mapping to identify the locations where alerts will be sent, you may also register with up to 5 different locations for which you would like to receive alerts [the addresses must be within the 8-county region].

Here is the link to the South Central Alert homepage: South Central Alert

Each county in the region also has a link to this page on its website. You can find the South Central Alert link on the Dauphin County website by clicking here.

Operation Vigilant Protector

Our agency started a new initiative recently that has been named "Operation Vigilant Protector."

Beat Officers will act proactively on conditions that would allow for the victimization of criminal behavior. Upon observing an unsafe condition, the Officer will make contact with the property owner and advise them of such. Examples include the following:

  1. Unsecured property in yards.
  2. Greenery or shrubs obstructing or blocking windows or doors.
  3. Accumulation of mail or newspapers.
  4. Valuables left unsecured and in plain view in vehicles.
  5. Any condition that would invite the criminal element to victimize a citizen or business owner.