Trap / Neuter / Release Program

Stopping the Cycle - Trap / Neuter / Release Program

Susquehanna Township is partnered with Steelton Community Cats (SCC) in a local Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) program. "Stopping The Cycle" is the SCC's campaign to humanely reduce the overpopulation of feral and free-roaming cats. It provides a "NO-KILL" Population Control Service, saving taxpayers' money, saving cats' lives, and doing the best possible for feral and free-roaming cats - not euthanizing them but allowing the cats to live out their lives in the environment they know and love.

SCC provides services such:

  • Assistance with trapping feral cats
  • Monthly 2-day surgery clinics (held on a Thursday and Friday)
  • Post-surgery care
  • Additional medical care, as needed

To register your colony or arrange for pick up of traps or for more information about Spa Week, please call (717) 877-4146.

Steelton Community Cats

Steelton Community Cats is also holding a Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic for Cats & Dogs at the Swatara Township Public Safety Building located at 599 Eisenhower Blvd., Harrisburg.

Types of vaccines available and cost:

  • Rabies and Distemper vaccines, $10 each
  • Bordetella, $10
  • Lepto, $10
  • Lyme, $25
  • Canine Influenza, $20
  • Feline Leukemia, $20

Other services include:

  • Microchip, $25 (includes registration)
  • Nail Clip / Grind, $10
  • Dewormer, $10
  • Flea / Tick treatment, $15

Residents from Central PA are welcome. Cats must be in carriers; dogs on leashes. Cash or check only. Services are being provided by Dr. Diane Ford of The Vetting Zoo Animal Hospital. For additional information, please call (717) 877-4146.

Volunteers and donations are needed to run this continuing program. For more information, call Steelton Community Cats at (717) 877-4146 or click here to visit their website for upcoming trapping and clinic dates.