Food Establishment Inspections

Below is a link to the PA Department of Agriculture Food Establishment Inspection Search application. Click on the link to search for information on inspections of Township establishments, carried out by our Health Officer, Tony Russo.

Please remember that any inspection is a "Snapshot" of the day and the time of the inspection. An inspection that occurred on any given day may not be representative of the overall long-term cleanliness of an establishment. Also at the time of the inspection; violations are recorded but are often corrected on the spot prior to the Health Officer leaving the establishment.

Grease Trap Maintenance

Effective February 7, 2018 Susquehanna Township will require a grease trap maintenance report at the time of the Food Facilities yearly inspection. If not available at time of the inspection, a copy of the most current grease trap maintenance report shall be submitted to the township no later than two weeks after the Food Facilities Yearly Food Safety Inspection. Reports may be submitted by email to the Township Health Officer or directly to the township at:
Health Department
Susquehanna Township
1900 Linglestown Rd.
Harrisburg, PA 17110

This is a requirement of Susquehanna Township Ordinance §10-202 under Food Services “Deletions, Modifications and Amendments” §5-402.12 (B) (3) Maintenance.

  • The permit holder shall maintain records of the dates and means of disposal,
  • Currently licensed waste disposal firms must perform any removal and hauling of the collected materials.
  • Grease traps meeting the "new food establishment" design criteria shall be cleaned at least bimonthly, or as otherwise required by the Township Health Officer or other designated officer of the Township, and reports submitted to the Township Health Officer or other designated officer of the Township. 
  • For all other facilities, the Township Health Officer shall initially require a written report indicating biweekly grease draw-off quantities over a three-month time period. Such report shall be submitted in letter form and shall clearly indicate the permit holder's name and address, the location of the food establishment as well as the information requested. The Township Health Officer or other designated officer of the Township shall review the submitted report and shall make the determination as to the frequency of interceptor grease draw-off to be scheduled. This schedule of grease draw-off shall be strictly followed on a continual basis until such time as the grease-laden discharge or drainage is discontinued, or unless subsequent experience demonstrates the need for a change in frequency. The Township Health Officer or other designated officer of the Township reserves the right to change the schedule of grease draw-off for any facility by increasing or decreasing the frequency of draw-off times, based on written reports, site inspections and observations of operations.”


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