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Township Comprehensive Plan

Sustainable Susquehanna Comp Plan LogoSusquehanna Township is developing a Comprehensive Plan – Sustainable Susquehanna 2030 - to identify and prioritize the Township’s strategic goals and objectives for the next 10-year horizon. The Plan will be a tool for the Township to study land use, socioeconomic trends, and challenges and opportunities to create a unified policy guide for local decision-making.

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Your participation is critical to ensure the planning process includes local input and reflects the community’s vision for the future. Several opportunities for residents and stakeholders to participate in the planning process occured during the Spring 2018. The information gathered through surveys, workshops, and focus groups is now being reviewed.  Next, the consultants will begin developing the plan.  Information related to the plan development will be presented in late summer or early fall 2018  Sign up to be informed by email on upcoming events and how to be involved.

Open House Event

Voting on Issues

On June 13, 2018, an Open House event was held at Fort Hunter Park to present residents with the information that had been gathered from the surveys. Residents had the opportunity to put "Susquehanna Dollars" toward the issues they felt were most important.   The main three topics were related to economic development, parks and recreation, and transportation.  Links to the handouts for each topic can be found to the left.  The results of the voting exercise will be used to determine the issues that are forefront to residents.

    Sustainability FocusSustaining Places

    As a recently designated Certified Gold Community by Sustainable Pennsylvania, Susquehanna Township is committed to advancing best practices for “Sustaining Places”.  Sustainable Susquehanna 2030 will help the Township continue its effort to provide a balanced and livable built environment for all residents.

    The Certified Community by the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification is intended to bring recognition to municipalities that are applying the policy and practice of sustainability as their way of operating to advance community prosperity.  It also serves as a mechanism for sharing best practices for creating a more sustainable Pennsylvania.  More information on can be found on our Sustainability page.

    The Comprehensive Plan will be designed to help the Township become a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable community. There are two primary goals for the new plan.  First, it will create a vision for the future of the Township based on the direction that citizens would like the community to move towards. Second, it will provide a series of realistic strategies, projects, and programs that can be implemented to achieve the vision.


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