Stormwater Program Fee

NOTE: IMPLEMENTATION OF THE STORMWATER FEE HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO THE JULY BILL. Susquehanna Township has transitioned its stormwater program to the Susquehanna Township Authority (STA). Along with this transition, a stormwater management fee has been implemented to cover the cost of infrastructure repairs and federal mandates related to water quality (see MS4). The established fee will allow the STA to equitably distribute the costs of stormwater management services to properties within the community based upon the impervious surface on a property. The established fee uses tiers based on a range of impervious area (IA).  The majority of property owners will pay $34.80 or less per quarter. 

Properties falling under Tiers 2 through 5 are eligible to apply for stormwater credits which will be applied as a reduction to their quarterly billing. One or more credits can be applied for, and will be cumulative up to a maximum credit of 35% of your property's SMP Fee. Please note that Tiers 2 through 4 have a different calculation in credit than Tier 5, for more information regarding the credit process please click the Stormwater Division Rules and Regulations and go to Appendix 6. Information on the credits can be found under the Stormwater Management Program Credit Policy Manual, attached below.  

Properties also have the ability to apply for appeals, which is available for all Tiers. For information regarding the appeal process, please click the Stormwater Division Rules and Regulations and go to Chapter V. 


Tier Impervious Area (IA) Range (sq. ft)

Quarterly Charge














Over 7,000

$9.60 per 1,000 sq. ft. IA, plus $4.80

The fee will be billed through the STA. For those who do not receive a sewer bill, they will begin to receive one for the stormwater fee in Summer 2020. All revenue collected will be used solely for the administration, operation, management, and improvement of STA’s stormwater facilities and our local waterways.