Leaf Collection Schedule Begins Week of November 4


Public Works Department Fall Leaf Collection Schedule:

Beginning November 4 : Leaves will be collected from the even-numbered address side of the street on the day following trash collection.

On the following week, beginning November 11, the odd-numbered side leaves will be collected. The even and odd sides pattern will continue throughout the fall.

Leaf collection will end on December 27.

Follow this link for the week-by-week schedule:

* Please note:  The following changes for leaf collection:

  • The Public Works department will no longer double back for leaves that were not ready for collection.
  • Public Works employees will no longer rake out leaves from yards. Leaves must be placed along the curb for collection.

 *Please follow these guidelines for leaf collection:

  • Remove cars from scheduled streets – leaves under or around vehicles will not be removed.
  • We will not provide special pick-ups as a result of conflicts with your landscaper.
  • Do not mix branches, grass, rocks, or garbage with leaves or we will not collect them.
  • Leaves must be placed in front of your home; our new equipment is too large to safely fit down alleys.

*Residents requiring leaf disposal prior to November 4th are encouraged to drop them off at Susquehanna Township’s compost facility, “Dig My Earth” located at 200 Fort Hunter Road Harrisburg, PA. 17110