Come see our parks!

veterans park

The following parks are available for pavilion rentals beginning in March!

Veterans Park - (25 acres) 1955 Elmerton Ave. Located in Ward 7, Veterans Park is a 25-acre park located across from the State Police Building and in between the Game and Fish & Boat Commissions. Amenities include lighted baseball and softball fields, a lighted tennis course and pickleball courts, 2 playgrounds, a pavilion with 9 picnic tables, restrooms, a kitchen, and charcoal grilles. 

Edgemont Community Park - (11 acres) Ward 3 - Located at the intersection of Locust Lane and Edgemont Road. Amenities include a play structure for ages 5 - 12, swings, pavilion with 6 tables, double charcoal grill, restrooms, 2 basketball courts, and a softball field. 

Crown Point Park - (4.25 acres) Ward 3 - Located at 2445 Walker Mill Road. Amenities include benches, pavilion with 4 picnic tables, charcoal grille, 1/4 mile walking path, and play structures for 2-5 year-olds and 5-12 year-olds. 

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Other parks to enjoy in Susquehanna Township:

Apple Creek Farms: (2.68 acres) At 1705Pebble Court near Jonagold Drive

Beaufort Hunt Playground: (2.8 acres)  Located in Beaufort Farms Development, Mount Vernon Circle the address is 4122 Beaufort Hunt Dr. Amenities include swings, slide and a pavilion with 2 picnic tables.

Christian McNaughton Memorial Park: (7.5 acres) Located behind Thomas Holtzman Jr. Elementary School the address is 150 Weatherford Way. Amenities include  2 picnic tables, a preschool play structure for 2-5 year olds, swings, baseball, and soccer fields. 

Donald B Stabler Memorial Park: (7.85 acres)  Located at 4331 Kaby St, off of 6th St. Amenities includes play structure for 5-12 year olds, softball field, basketball court, restrooms, and baseball field.

Boyd Park: (19.84 acres) 2801 Continental Drive. Amenities include a walking trail, pond for catch and release fishing, pavilion, and parking.  Final designs are being made for phase 2 of the project to be completed in early 2022.

Logan Farm Park: (52 acres) Located at 2450 Walker Mill Road across from Crown Point Park.  Amenities include a walking loop in a wooded forest setting.

Plum Alley Park: (.8 acre)  Located off 39th Street, one block north of Rauch Street. Amenities include play structure for 5-12 year olds, swings, and a pavilion with 2 picnic tables

Olympus Heights: (1.5 acres) Located off Crooked Hill Road at 3464 Apollo Avenue. Amenities include a basketball court.

Shutt Mill Park: (5 acres)  Located off Crooked Hill Road. The entrance is just north of Shutt Mill Road, the address is 1499 Shutt Mill Rd.  Amenities include a pavilion with 2 picnic tables.

Capital Area Greenbelt Trail: A recreation trail that rings the city of Harrisburg with a link trail in Veterans Park.

Fort Hunter (Dauphin County Park): 50-acre county park located on both sides of Front Street in northern Susquehanna Township