What clearances are required to work in the Parks & Recreation Department and how do I obtain them?

All Summer Employees of the Susquehanna Township Parks & Recreation Department are required to have current clearances.  The Department requires those already possessing clearances to show original documentation. Copies of clearances will not be accepted.

Clearances are valid for 5 years. Applicants who already possess applicable clearances may be required to complete a 168 or 24 form. Information will be given at time of interview, if applicable.

Potential employees may choose to secure clearances on their own and retain them. In this case, the potential employee will be responsible for all appropriate fees. Upon being hired, proper receipts may be turned in for reimbursement. Applicant may also choose to not seek reimbursement and remain in possession of their clearances. Any clearances that STPR pays for either through reimbursement or application will be retained in the STPR office. The employee is only entitled to a copy of clearances.

*STPR is not responsible for reimbursement on any clearances until applicant has been employed. Those applicants choosing to seek clearances prior to hiring are responsible for any and all fees.

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Required Clearances for Paid Employees:

1. State Police

2. Child Abuse

3. FBI Fingerprinting