Susquehanna Township Parks and Recreation Introduces Online Registration and Facility Reservation

Online Registration
Online Registration!

Welcome to the Susquehanna Township Parks & Recreation registration and reservation website, hosted through CivicRec.  We are excited you have found your way here and hope you find our new website to be an improvement to our former operation of program registration and facility reservation.  By transitioning to this platform we are able to better serve you by placing almost all of our offerings in one location for convenient and speedy use.  If you are looking to reserve a facility, sign up for an activity or just research what areas and offerings we have, you have come to the right place!

Not all things listed on this website are eligible for reservations by the general public online.  If you click on a facility or class and find that you cannot register for an opening, please try and contact our Recreation Office at 717-909-9278 or email to book.  


  1. Select Login/Create Account in the upper left corner, then select Create Your Susquehanna Township Parks & Recreation Account.
  2. On mobile devices, select Account in the upper right corner and click Sign Up.
  3. Fill out the required information
  4. To receive text alerts (i.e. class cancellations, facility closings), indicate your mobile carrier next to your cell number.
  5. To receive important notifications, opt-in to receive all communication types (courtesy notifications, critical announcements, upcoming events)
  6. Additional household members (spouse, children, etc.) may be added at any time in your Account Settings. Keep your entire household on one account!
  7. Browse our catalog for our facility rentals for your upcoming events and make a reservation online!


  1. Select the catalog tab associated with the facility type you would like to reserve space at.
  2. Browse for the pavilion/field/court you are interested in and select it.
  3. Browse the calendar to choose your reservation date. If a space is available, it will show up as GREEN on the calendar, if it is unavailable, it will show up as GREY on the calendar. If there is partial availability, it will show up as YELLOW.
  4. Once the date is selected, select the rate and time range for the rental.  If no rate or time range is available the facility your viewing cannot be reserved online.  
  5. Once the rental space has been added to your cart, click checkout to finish your transaction.
  6. A series of prompts/waivers will follow that need to be answered and agreed to.


  1. Select the catalog tab for the desired ACTIVITIES.
  2. Browse for the program/pass/activity you are interested in and select it.
  3. Make sure to select the correct account member before adding it to your cart.  This can be found on the right-hand side of the screen, where it says, ACCOUNT MEMBERS.
  4. Once the program/pass/activity has been added to your cart, click checkout to finish your transaction.
  5. A series of prompts/waivers will follow that need to be answered and agreed to