Application Fees - ZHB

Zoning Hearing Board

Applications for the Zoning Hearing Board shall include a fee to cover the compliance review, administrative costs, public notice, and public advertising as applicable under the Township’s Code of Ordinances, Zoning Ordinance and the PA Municipalities Planning Code, Act 247.

The fees for Zoning Hearing Board related services and activities shall be paid according to the following schedule: 

Special Exception Application$650.00
Variance Application$650.00
Validity Challenge of a Zoning Ordinance$1,000.00
Additional Hearing Request - Fee for each subsequent special exception or variance hearing to cover administrative costs and any applicable public notifications$350.00

The Township shall keep a stenographic record of Zoning Hearing Board hearings. In addition to the above fees to be paid at the time the application or appeal is filed, applicants and appellants shall, upon receipt of an invoice from the Township, reimburse the Township for one half of the court reporter's appearance fee attributable to the application or appeal. Transcripts and copies of graphic or written material received into evidence shall be available to any party at cost. In the event that a transcript is requested by the Board of Commissioners, the Zoning Hearing Board, or any other party, the applicant shall pay all costs of the transcription of the hearing, and the Board shall be provided with an original, and a copy of the transcript. The Township's invoice shall be payable within thirty (30) days of receipt or upon the issuance of any permit authorized by the decision of the Zoning Hearing Board.