Appeal of a Zoning Officer Decision

Appeal of a Zoning Officer Decision is a means to appeal a decision rendered by the zoning officer related to the granting or denial of a permit; the failure to act on an application for any permit; the issuance of a cease and desist order; or the determination of a zoning offer or municipal engineer in the administration of any land use ordinance. 

The Zoning Hearing Board is vested with the authority to hear appeals from the determination of a zoning officer. A zoning officer typically makes such determinations with respect to an application for development approval or a permit, but may also be called upon to make a determination for property for which no application is pending (for example, an inquiry as to the uses permitted within the zoning district the property is located within). An appeal from a determination of the zoning officer must be filed within 30 days after notice of the determination is issued.  However, if a person alleges and proves that he had no notice, knowledge, or reason to believe that such approval has been given, the appeal can be filed promptly after the aggrieved person learns of the decision, even if the 30-day time limit has expired.   

Source: The Zoning Hearing Board Planning Series #6. Pennsylvania Governor's Center for Local Government Services.