Online Complaint Form

Once a concern has been submitted, the Township will investigate the issue to verify whether it is a code violation.  The Township may only investigate from public property, places of public access, or from the complainant’s property when express written permission is provided.  The property owner will then be notified of the violation(s) and given a deadline for corrective action. If the violation still exists at the end of the given time frame, further enforcement action is pursued.  This can be a lengthy process, so please allow time for the issue to be resolved.   

All complaints are considered anonymous. Your name or identifying information will not be provided during the course of the investigation.  It is possible in certain situations your testimony may be required in court; however, that circumstance is rare and only requested when absolutely necessary.

Provide an address so the property can be identified. If the lot is vacant, please include an adjacent address. More details on the location can be provided in the description.
Select the nature of the violation. Multiple concerns may be selected by holding down the 'Shift' key.
Provide a detailed description of the issue.
All complaints are considered anonymous. Your name will not be provided during the course of the investigation.
In the violation is not abated, the Township will issue a citation and the violator may choose to go before the District Magistrate. Complainants may be asked to testify at the hearing. The judge will determine if a violation is present and establish a timeline to remedy the issue.
If staff cannot view the concern from the property line, access may be needed to determine if a violation exists.
If available, provide photographs of the concern.
Files must be less than 3 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.