Rezoning at Linglestown Road & Progress Avenue

Susquehanna Township is initiating a new type of zoning district for the Township called Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) for the southeast corner of Linglestown Road and Progress Avenue. The site is currently zoned Business-Office-Residential (B-O-R).

In order to do this, both the Zoning Ordinances and the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances must be amended. These amendments will utilize form-based code, which provides specific regulations that foster predictable built results and a high-quality public realm by using physical form (rather than separation of uses) as the organizing principle for the code. A form-based code is a regulation, not a mere guideline, adopted into township law. By using the physical form rather than the separation of uses as an organizing principle, form-based code offers a powerful alternative to conventional zoning regulations.

The proposed TND-1 zoning requires a regulating plan (see links below) to be prepared and included as part of the amendment. The regulating plan is essentially a fine-grained zoning map combined with a street plan and an open space plan. It is detailed to the level of individual streets, blocks, public spaces, and sometimes even lots or buildings, which is a level of detail not found in conventional zoning ordinances. Each street, block, or parcel must comply with the illustrated standards in the TND-1 District.

Generally, TNDs include a compatible variety of residential and commercial development where homes, shops, and offices are within a short walk of each other. They also incorporate tree- and sidewalk-lined streets, traffic calming, close-to-home parks, and central public spaces that make the community an attractive and inviting place for residents.

On November 15, 2016, the Board of Commissioner's held a public hearing to discuss the proposed text amendments and zoning change. Based on feedback from that meeting, the proposed amendments were revised to address the concerns of the citizens. A staff report was prepared which outlines the changes from the previous ordinances.

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