2017 Spring Street Cleaning Schedule

Beginning March 27th

Street Sweeper

2017 Highway Street Sweeping Schedule

(Based on Weather and Available Equipment)

  • UPTOWN AREA (City Line North to Linglestown Rd.) – Recognizing the ongoing construction associated with the Uptown Storm Sewer and Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project, we will be performing street sweeping as the construction activity permits.

March 27th to April 7th – North & South of Linglestown Rd.

Sweeper #1:

  • Crooked Hill Road heading North from Elmerton Ave up to Linglestown Road

Includes these neighborhoods:

  • Olympus Heights
  • Crooked Hill Farms
  • Windsor Farms
  • Beaufort Farms

Sweeper #2:

  • Starting at Daybreak and all developments of Walker Mill Rd.
  • Kohn Rd. to Paxton Crossing
  • Brandywine Rd.
  • Apple Creek Farms
  • Woodridge
  • Belle Nance
  • All streets east of Progress Ave. from Elmerton Ave. to Linglestown Rd.

After completing streets on the South side of Linglestown Rd., both sweepers will then cross over and do all the streets North of Linglestown Rd. from the Township line to Front St. including:

  • Oakhurst Blvd.
  • North Progress Ave.
  • Deer Path Woods
  • Saybrook
  • Mountain Dale
  • Laurel Point
  • White Hall Terrace

April 10th to April 21st – South of Elmerton Ave.

  • All streets from Elmerton Ave. heading South to Route 22
  • Post and sweep the Progress Area and Green Acres and then proceed to Old Township Rd.

After completing this schedule all alleys will be swept and then the second round of sweeping will begin.